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Caring for Ageing Parents

A Loving Approach to Dementia Care

A Loving Approach to Dementia Care

For many caregivers caring for a person living with Alzheimers' and other dementias day in and day out can be a frustrating and lonely experience. Most carers have little or no training in the art of dementia care and can struggle with the job or burden of constant caregiving.

A loving Approach to Dementia Care

Caring for Somebody with Dementia

Nobody expects their parent to get dementia.  Nobody is prepared for it.  But for Merideth, her mother did get dementia and for the next three years she became her full time carer.
Caring for Somebody with Dementia describes the experiences of life with dementia over those three years.
For all that time Dementia sat himself between Merideth and her mother – or at least he tried to.
Caring for someone with dementia - Meredith Sindel

They're Your Parents too! How Siblings Can Survive Their Parents Aging Without Driving Each Other crazy

Your parents are growing older and are getting forgetful, starting to slow down, or worse. Suddenly you find yourself at the cusp of one of the most important transitions in your life—and the life of your family.

Your parents need you and your siblings to step up and take care of them, a little or a lot. To make the right things happen, you will all need to work together. And yet your siblings may have very different ideas from yours of what’s best for Mom and Dad.

Caring for your elderly parent - A practical guide for Australian families

We are part of the first generation in human history that could spend more time caring for our elderly parents than we did caring for our children. Today, more than two million Australians are over 70 years of age; by the year 2050 seniors are likely to make up almost 30 percent of the population.

Looking for Lionel- How I lost and found my mother through dementia

A searingly honest yet inspirational memoir of how dementia changed a family in ways they never could have imagined.

Looking for Lionel

Aged Care Homes- The Complete Australian Guide

Aged Care Homes - The Complete Australian Guide

The opening lines of this book sum up the problems faced by family members and carers when they receive (or make) the dreaded, but long expected phone call.

“Mum’s had a fall; she has broken her hip and is now in hospital. The doctor says she will probably need permanent care – what do we do now and can we find the money?”

A Carer's Guide

Every day in Australia, tens of thousands of people care for loved ones at home. This is often a difficult road for volunteer carers, particularly when the illness is a debilitating and progressive one such as dementia.

Most carers find themselves thrust into the role ill-prepared and intimidated by a multitude of troubling questions. A Carer's Guide combines useful information for all carers with a touching personal odyssey by Rosette Teitel, who nursed her husband through vascular dementia until his death.

Are Your Parents Driving You Crazy? Getting to Yes with Competent, Ageing Parents

From Award-winning practical guide for people whose parents are still competent and living on their own but showing signs of ageing.

Coping With Your Difficult Older Parent : A Guide for Stressed-Out Children

From Do you have an ageing parent who blames you for everything that goes wrong? Cannot tolerate being alone, wants you all the time? Is obsessed with health problems, real, or imagined? Make unreasonable and/or irrational demands of you? Is hostile, negative and critical? Coping with these traits in parents is an endless high-stress battle for their children.

Life with Pop: Lessons on Caring for an Ageing Parent

From After her mother died, Janis Abrahms Spring “inherited” her father (Pop) and set off on an all-consuming, fiveyear mission to make his days as rich and comfortable as possible. This is their story, overflowing with humor, insight, and love.

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