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What drugs work for Alzheimer's disease?

 Are there any drugs that help with Alzheimer's disease symptoms?

How often should an elderly resident in a tub chair be turned?

 My parent sits in a tub chair for most of the day at the nursing home. Does this increase her risk of pressure areas? 

Do people with advanced dementia experience pain?

In the late stages of Alzheimer's dementia do people experience pain? 

What are the signs of bad nursing home care?

How do I know my mother is receiving the care she needs at the nursing home? You hear stories about neglect, what are the signs? As she has dementia she can't communicate her needs so it's difficult for me to tell.

Should I wake dementia residents at night when turning?

What's the best way to care for dementia residents at night time for pressure area care? Is it best to go in quietly and do not turn the light on, and very quickly turn the resident so they do not know that you have been there and it does not cause any distress. Or is it best to talk and engage with them and explain what you are doing so they are informed and then treated with dignity? 

How do I explain to dad that he's not going home?

Dad has been living in the nursing home now for 6 weeks, he still thinks he's going home. He is in the dementia ward until they move him to an empty bed and he has some insight into the fact that he's not "like the rest of them". So how do I tell him he's staying? We take him home most days with a carer as we don't want to leave him there.

What are common signs of dehydration?

Can exercises prevent contractures in people with dementia?

How do you prevent contractures in an immobile person with dementia? My mum's arms are stiffening and legs making it painful to wash and position her.

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